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Drinks and Colors Mixtape

A slightly groovy pool party mixtape which contains my first own produced remix from HIEN’s Shapes and Colors.

1 Shapes & Colors (L4 GypsyRobot Remix) by Hien
2 The Bird Tamer by iamyank
3 Fooling Around (Spike) by NTEIBINT
4 Didn’t Know (Feat Yasmin) by Digital Farm Animals
5 Ecstasy (Kraak & Smaak Remix) by Sirens Of Lesbos
6 Lady Leopard by Cassara
7 All cried out (Oliver Nelson Remix) by Blonde
8 You (Less Hate Remix) by Etienne de Crécy
9 Near You by Jean Tonique
10 My Love by Mason & Moonbootica
11 We Can’t by Malikk
12 Edge by Cherokee